Chapada Diamantina Photo Essay

Chapada Diamantina National Park in Pictures

Cahpada Dimanatina national park is located in the heart of the state of the Bahia, 7 hours from Salvador, and is considered one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, dotted with waterfalls, caves, wildlife, canyons, rivers and valleys. We spent 4 days exploring Chapada Diamantina and stayed at Capao which was our home base for day trips around the park. Here’s our 4 day documented trip.

Pousada Tarumim




Cachoeira da Fumaça 20160113_12401520160113_12470520160113_12535020160113_13510020160113_14003320160113_14042120160113_14051020160113_15232720160113_15272720160113_15311120160113_154400

Cachoeira do Riachinho20160114_13481920160114_13490520160114_13523820160114_13524520160114_14355420160114_14402320160114_14491320160114_145144

On the Way Back to Salvador chapada diamantinachapada diamantinachapada diamantinachapada diamantinachapada diamantinachapada diamantina

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